Reinforcing the Franco-German friendship

As of September 2019, the University of Bordeaux will launch a new double degree at Bachelor level. Organized in collaboration with the University of Bayreuth (Germany), this study program concerns the Bachelor of Law and its international French-German track.

  • 31/01/2019

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Program outline

Destined for students who wish to study law in an international environment and who are interested in Germany and the German language, the double degree trains future lawyers for a career within the EU and beyond. Over the 3 years of the Bachelor, courses take place in both Bordeaux and Bayreuth and are delivered in French, German as well as English. These courses deal with French and German law, reasoning methods and analysis tools specific to both legal systems and also the subject of economics.

A total of 30 students (15 from Bordeaux, 15 from Bayreuth) are selected following an application procedure based on their training project, motivation and previous academic records.

Program structure

During the first year, Bordeaux students learn the fundamentals of French law at the University of Bordeaux while also attending classes on German law given by lecturers from the University of Bayreuth. German students are based in their home university with classes on French law provided by lecturers from the University of Bordeaux. The challenge of learning in a foreign language is facilitated by ensuring that classes are composed of small groups. In addition, Bordeaux students participate in a German legal language course during their first year in order to prepare their year of studies abroad in Bayreuth.

In the second year, Bordeaux and Bayreuth students come together at the University of Bayreuth where classes on French law are given by lecturers from the University of Bordeaux. The final third year is spent together again, this time with a common year at the University of Bordeaux where classes on German law are given by lecturers from the University of Bayreuth.

Strengths of the program

With the new French-German track, upon graduation, students not only obtain the French Bachelor of Law, but also the German Bachelor of Law. A true double degree, students register at both the University of Bordeaux and the University of Bayreuth over the three years. As a result, they are able to benefit from the facilities of both universities, e.g. access to on-line digital resources.

The new French-German track of the Bachelor of Law proposes not only an international outlook but also a multidisciplinary program.

Stéphane Schott — Lecturer in public law, UBx

One of the main objectives of the double degree is to strengthen student’s international skills (language, discipline, professional, intercultural) that in turn, improve the critical thinking skills of these future lawyers. This counters the typical approach to law studies which usually focuses solely on national law due to a traditional academic organization and the fundamentally national dimension of the discipline itself. A strong emphasis is placed on economics with classes provided in English by lecturers from Bordeaux and Bayreuth and internships are integrated throughout the program.

A long-standing partnership

The University of Bordeaux has collaborated with the University of Bayreuth for over 15 years. In 2003, the first Erasmus agreement was signed within the discipline of Law and since then, the number of students following the international French-German track of the Bachelor in Law has steadily increased. Lecturers also take part in the Erasmus exchanges. Collaborations between the two universities were reinforced in 2013 and a strategic partnership in law and languages was established in 2014.


Stéphane Schott
Lecturer in public law

Stéphanie Roussel
Lecturer in Germanic studies


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