SHaring Open educational practices Using Technology For Higher Education

SHOUT4HE (SHaring Open educational practices Using Technology For Higher Education) is a 3 year Erasmus+ project, launched in 2018.

  • 03/06/2021

The SHOUT4HE project is founded on the principle that Higher Education (HE) teaching skills are best addressed through international collaborations rather than within a single university or an individual country. The project aims specifically to improve the use of digital technologies in HE, thanks to transnational cooperation between institutions, thus developing best practices and promoting innovation.

The project has three main objectives (“Intellectual outputs”):

  1. develop a Recognition framework for effective use of technology in HE teaching
  2. design an e-Platform for sharing open education practices and resources
  3. create a set of e-Books via a Community of Practice for HE teachers

The framework, e-platform, open educational practices and e-Books that result from the project will be freely available and widely disseminated with the aim of achieving a long term impact on individual HE teachers but also more generally on university teaching and professional development programs.

Laüra Hoskins, Associate Professor of English at the University of Bordeaux, tells us about the work completed over the past three years and the results of this project which is now coming to en end. 

How has the project helped with the use of technology within HE so far?

The SHOUT4HE project is managed by five university partners* with representatives involved in HE teacher education. These representatives all collaborate with several local HE teachers covering a wide variety of disciplinary knowledge and pedagogical experience, in line with the goal of recognizing, developing and sharing innovative practice with technologies.

Over the past three years, the team has come together physically and then virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, for transnational meetings and multiplier events. The transnational meetings focus on the progress towards the Intellectual Outputs, while the multiplier events are the ideal occasion to open up the project to other universities, to showcase some results and to engage in more varied discussions about teaching practices.

What are the outcomes of the project so far?

As of May 2021, visitors to the SHOUT4HE platform can reflect on their teaching using the selfscan feature. This interactive version of the SHOUT4HEthe Recognition framework, based on the two dimensions “Educational practice” and “Digital confidence”, provides opportunities for HE teachers to explore and reflect on their practices. The process is organized according to three stages:

  1. discover and discuss,
  2. design and deploy,
  3. demonstrate and disseminate.

The e-Platform has been successfully launched and already features 26 pedagogical practice videos covering a range of disciplines such as education, dentistry, engineering, languages and expressive arts subjects. Finally, the e-Book series are underway and will focus on the topics:

  • Shout out: a variety of best open practices with technology
  • Your shout: advice from HE teachers on the topic of innovative open practice
  • Something to shout about: sharing practices and how HE teachers can create communities of practice in order to support pedagogical innovation

The SHOUT4HE platform provides a wealth of ideas for enhancing learning and teaching with the help of technology.

Laüra Hoskins — Associate Professor of English, UBx

The videos provide inspiration and in many cases practical and concrete advice to get teachers started with a practice and the tools that can enable it. Despite the disruption caused by the global pandemic, the project adapted well to the context to investigate and showcase practices using technology, particularly in these unprecedented times of pedagogical transformation. The reach of the project was also widened and participants from all over the world were invited to webinars in December and May.

What are the final stages of the project?

The last transnational meeting and closing conference will be hosted online by the project management team at Cardiff Metropolitan University at the end of June. This last multiplier event will be the opportunity to showcase the final outputs, the e-books, which bring together some of the key outcomes of this project.

> For more information, please consult the SHOUT4HE website.

Partner universities

* Universities of Bordeaux and Nice (France), Cardiff (England), Hasselt (Belgium), Limerick (Ireland)