The University of Bordeaux confirms its European ambition, with a strong Erasmus Charter for 2021-2027

The University of Bordeaux’s strategic plan for 2025 underlines the internationalization dynamic initiated over the past decade that is one of the establishment's priorities, as well as a lever for the modernization of higher educational and research institutions.

  • 15/01/2021

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Currently being updated (projection for 2030), this strategic plan confirms the importance of our internationalization roadmap, essential for the development of courses that train committed citizens, capable of understanding a complex world. Our participation in Erasmus+ is a pillar of this strategy and determines our capacity for its implementation.

We are particularly delighted to obtain the outstanding score of 100/100 for our Erasmus+ 2021-2027 proposal, since this reflects how closely our European and institutional ambition are aligned with a strong focus on societal impact, educational innovation and inclusive internationalization

Joanne Pagèze — Vice-President for Internationalization

The University of Bordeaux thus intends to fully exploit the three Erasmus+ activity categories programmed for 2021-2027 which underlie our development axes. Based on the principles of "comprehensive internationalization", our strategy is organized around three axes:

  • internationalization at home;
  • structuring networks in support of the establishment's modernization and development objectives;
  • strengthening our presence outside our borders.

Within these three axes, the University of Bordeaux has an operational roadmap around five specific development objectives for 21-27:

This roadmap takes into account the priorities of the European agenda for the modernization of higher education and sets objectives for the impact expected from our University’s participation in the Erasmus+ program 2021-2027.

This Erasmus+ proposition indicates an ambitious strategy for international mobility and cooperation and will be fundamental to the development of ENLIGHT our university alliance.

Joanne Pagèze — Vice-President for Internationalization

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