The University of Bordeaux is mobilized against the war in Ukraine

The University of Bordeaux is mobilized to support all the people of our community dramatically affected by the ongoing Russian military aggression in Ukraine.

  • 07/03/2022

In this tragic context, we would like to reaffirm our full support to the members of the Ukrainian academic community and more broadly to the Ukrainian people as a whole.

Faced with this choice of war, which constitutes a brutal violation of the rule of law, we strongly reiterate our university's unwavering commitment to the principles of international law, fundamental freedoms and democratic values.

These universal values and the associated principles of solidarity are shared by the entire international academic community, including many Russian academics, whose courage can be underlined in view of the risks they run by taking a stand against this armed conflict.    

The University of Bordeaux has taken several actions:

  • Ukraine Cell, coordinated by the university presidency has been put in place to monitor and secure the situation of students and staff present in the conflict zone.  Students within Russia are currently in the process of being repatriated.
  • In Bordeaux and across our campuses, our priority is centered on our Ukrainian students in order to provide them with psychological and material support adapted to their situation. We are also monitoring the needs of our Russian students who may require hardship support. Contrary to the false information that may have circulated, no measure of discrimination or exclusion has been or will be taken against these students.
  • The PAUSE program to support the reception of researchers in exile has been activated at the national level and within this mechanism, the University of Bordeaux will welcome two Ukrainian researchers in the next few days. Our services will remain mobilized to respond to future requests.
  •  Steps to prepare for future enrollment of Ukrainian students are being taken at the national level and the University of Bordeaux is engaging in this process.
  • In compliance with the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the travel of our staff and students to Russia and Belarus is suspended, as well as any new cooperation.

In a spirit of collaboration and efficiency, the university's partner institutions and the CROUS are informed of all our actions. We work together on housing and social assistance.

Finally, we would like to underline the great surge of solidarity that has been shown by the students and staff of the university.

  • For the time being, the main local relays that have been identified are the following:
  • For accommodation, people wishing to offer accommodation to Ukrainian refugees should contact the prefecture where these offers are centralized (link to the press release).
  • For donations and volunteering proposals, the cultural association Ukraine Amitié is highly mobilized.
  • For donations, initiatives have been taken by all local authorities. In Bordeaux in particular, specific boxes have been placed in the 8 neighborhood town halls to collect donations (link to the Bordeaux website).

On a more structural level, initiatives are already being considered in order to anticipate a crisis that could unfortunately last for some time.

University of Bordeaux in solidarity with Ukraine
Університет Бордо висловлює свою солідарність Україні та українцям

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