Vigilance against fake job offers

For several weeks, fake job offers have been circulating for a vacant position as an English teacher at the university. A reminder of the rules for vigilance.

  • 18/03/2022

Fake job offers are circulating on recruitment websites, concerning English teaching positions to be filled. In these offers, the recruiter impersonates a university staff member. He pretends to be Jérôme Faure, from the Human Resources department, and uses the following address He sends a false employment contract, along with a request for personal documents to the candidates. The fraudulent offer also mentions the need to spend time abroad for "training", thus justifying the request for a residence permit among the required documents.

This does not correspond to the normal recruitment process within the University of Bordeaux.

General recommendations

  • The email addresses of all university employees always end with Any other domain, however credible, is most likely fraudulent.
  • The official job offers of the university are all published on the university's website in the "Recruitment" section. To verify an offer, you may check if it is also on the university's website.

Recommendations to victims

  • You can send us the website on which the offending offer appears at the following address:
  • Do not follow up on these offers and do not send any documents.
  • If you have done so, you can contact the authorities to prevent the disclosure of personal information.

The University of Bordeaux has initiated legal proceedings for identity theft and forgery. This problem is not the result of a security breach and only public information was used to set up this fraudulent action.