Professeur and Executive Vice-Rector for development at the Université Laval, Eric Bauce obtained a Bachelor degree in Forest Engineering followed by a Master degree in Forest Sciences at Université Laval. In 1989 he finished his PhD studies in Forest Entomology at Syracuse University and at the State University of New York.

Research, collaboration, distinctions

Recruited as Professor at Université Laval, Prof. Bauce established the laboratory for Forest Entomology which today represents the main laboratory of ecophysiology dedicated to the feeding of forest insects in North America.

In addition to his research and training activities, Eric Bauce was elected Executive Vice-Rector for development at Université Laval in 2007. As part of his missions, he initiated a sustainable development policy within the university and established a recurrent, annual fund which, thanks to energy savings, can finance university community initiatives. Today Université Laval is ranked top for Canada for the "Sustainable campus" certificate and features among the top 10 universities in the world.

Several universities, including Bordeaux, have invited Eric Bauce to share his expertise on the implementation procedure for his sustainable development model within large university structures. 

Eric Bauce also participated in the development of the experimental forest of Université Laval which today, covering 412km², represents the largest forest for training and research in the world.

As  Executive Vice-Rector for development at Université Laval, Eric Bauce strongly supports the Bordeaux Laval Alliance. This alliance was formalized in 2012 after more than ten years of cooperation in the domains of education and research between the two sister universities.

> The DHC for Prof. Bauce was proposed by Mr Dean Lewis, Vice-President for Administration at the University of Bordeaux.

Updated on 04/06/2018