Student resident card

If you are an international student in Bordeaux, you must request a resident card. Find out how to do it!

Student resident card unit

The Welcome Center for International Researchers coordinates with the Prefecture a one-stop "student" resident card unit, open to students and trainees applying for a "student" resident card or its renewal in the Gironde region. This service is available upon appointment from September 23rd until December 20th 2019 in the presence of the prefecture. As of December 20th 2019, please directly contact the Prefecture of Gironde.

Who needs a resident card?

  • Students (first application or renewal) 
  • Au pairs 
  • Students seeking employment or APS Master 
  • Students on european mobility

Updated on 19/12/2019

Please note

Students over the age of 28 must add valid proof of health insurance to their application, translated into French if necessary.

Don't be late!

Applications to renew the resident card must be completed within the 2 months prior to the expiration of the current resident card. Any appointments made after the expiry date will result in a fine of 180€ in tax stamps.