Internationalization at home - Int@Home - is an experimental training course organized by the College of Science and Technology, aimed at the internationalization of curricula and campuses from home. Using innovative practices, it enables students to develop certifiable international skills without the need for physical mobility.

This training course is structured around two key development areas: a section geared towards the adaptation of disciplinary teachings and a section on transdisciplinary education, which is materialized by the forging of relations between students from Bordeaux and partner universities.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, Int@Home training is accessible for 30% of Bachelor’s degree students at the College of Science and Technology. Supported by the NewDEAL program, the long-term aim is to open this training to all Science and Technology students, and then extend the offer to all the colleges and institutes of the University of Bordeaux.

Internationalizing disciplinary education

Section 1 of the Int@Home project integrates international aspects in the content and format of courses. Lectures, flipped classes, hybrid classes or autonomous study, the idea is to invite students to discover international contexts and key players in the sphere of their academic field.

The subjects covered in class, via team or autonomous work, relate to international and social issues. Students in mathematics, for example, work on the linearization of the Covid-19 prediction model and consider the impact of such models on decision-making.

Developing transdisciplinary skills

Section 2 of Int@Home offers international skills and acquisitions integrated in a block of knowledge and dedicated skills.

It takes the form of a toolbox which enables students to acquire foreign language skills in addition to discovering the vision of a globalized world.

Numerous teaching units are available and adapted to the students’ individual study paths. To access them, students at the Science & Technology College must apply and are selected according to their language skills level (minimum B2).

Updated on 15/10/2021


Jenny Benois-Pineau
Int@Home project officer and head of section 1: ‘Internationalizing Disciplinary Teaching’

Alexandra Reynolds
Head of section 2: ‘Developing transdisciplinary skills’