It’s still possible to be international… online!

Even during this lockdown period, the University of Bordeaux offers its students the possibility to travel – online! Thanks to workshops, chat sessions and other activities, local and international students can improve their language skills and remain in contact with the university services in order to better adapt to these exceptional circumstances.

  • 21/04/2020

Workshops, chats and virtual games proposed by the Language Center

The Department of Languages, Arts and Communication has created a Virtual Exchange Center in order to continue with some of its services and maintain contact with its students. This service is a social network that enables students from the College of Science and Technology (and other colleges), to access online resources and improve their English (and also Spanish, Portuguese or French). Every week, around 100 students participate in the following activities:

  • Weekly conversation workshops via Skype (8 workshops per week, beginner / intermediary / advanced level)
  • A readers’ circle every week via Skype in order to analyze a research article with other students and lecturers
  • Multilingual coffee sessions available in Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Weekly workshops dedicated to various topics such as: word plays, discovery of a country, interview workshops, weekend in London, English sayings and expressions, etc.

A virtual Erasmus+ experience

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange (E+VE) is a program that allows students from the University of Bordeaux (and also those living in Europe and the South Mediterranean) between 18 and 30 years old, to participate in an online intercultural experience.

Every week, young people representing over 40 different nationalities, take part in debates hosted by facilitators and that focus on topics concerning major societal challenges such as the fight against hate speech, sustainable food systems or peace and the role of youth in the resolution of conflicts.

Services dedicated to international students

Weekly Skype conversations

They most certainly didn’t imagine their mobility experience like this, yet for those international students who are partaking in an exchange program and have remained in Bordeaux during this lockdown period, life goes on.

In order to remain in contact with these students and to help out with their daily activities, the international mobility office (Talence campus) has organized regular Skype sessions. Created specifically in response to the Covid-19 sanitary crisis situation, the group Mobility in Bordeaux remotely, allows these international students to exchange with staff members from the international mobility office.

Support for students in difficulty

Over half of those students who remain in university residences during this lockdown period are international students. For them and for all isolated students, a medical assistance system and home deliveries of food and hygiene products have been organized by the university and the CROUS.

In the case of coronavirus symptoms, confirmed by the university medical teams, students may benefit from this medical assistance and deliveries of basic necessities at home, during the lockdown, by contacting the Student Health Center.