The University of Bordeaux selected for the SFRI call for projects

In response to the Investments for the Future 3 SFRI (Structuring of training via research within the Initiatives of Excellence) call for projects, the UBGRS 2.0 "Graduate school for junior researchers of the University of Bordeaux" project has been selected. Its purpose is to organize training via research and to promote the international renown of our university.

  • 15/07/2020

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The project UBGRS 2.0 is led by the University of Bordeaux Graduate Research School, which was created in an effort to boost the visibility and identity of the University of Bordeaux's doctoral programs. The response to the first call for projects in 2017 led to the accreditation of three University of Bordeaux Graduate Programs (UBGrads):

The university’s UBGRS 2.0 project and its doctoral program has been developed with strategic partners (CNRS, Inserm, INRAe and Inria) by deploying 11 additional UBGrads, based on the NewDEAL project modelin connection with the recently reorganized research departments with renewed international ambitions. The university's key scientific research priorities will therefore be associated with training programs in order to supplement them as of Bachelor level, in an effort to strengthen the link between research and training.  

This project is a tremendous opportunity to continue and enhance the development of the University of Bordeaux's doctoral training, initiated with the creation of the Graduate Research School in 2016. Aligning the University of Bordeaux Graduate Programs with the university's main areas of research will involve all research players in training our undergraduate and graduate students, while leveraging the international attractiveness of these renowned research communities.

Roger Marthan — Director, Graduate Research School

Beyond reorganizing these programs, specific interdisciplinary career modules ("Innovation for human health", "Decision-making in the Anthropocene era", "Data-driven interdisciplinarity", "Disruptive technology") will be set up with strategic partners in order to provide the selected doctoral students with a high level of skills to prepare them to face the major global challenges of our time. These modules will expand doctoral research through an interdisciplinary approach and training in innovation.

In addition to these modules, invidualised “fast tracks” for training and research will be offered from Bachelor to doctoral level. These programs will recruit top-level French or international students, selected within Bachelor or engineering programs, for an accelerated track with courses supported by research and enhanced with new training methods.

This move towards a "graduate institution" aims to develop a sense of belonging to the University of Bordeaux among all of our doctoral students, by offering them high-level specialized training within research communities with high international profiles.