Public health

The department was created in 2019 and brings together 11 Inserm-certified university research teams (including one Inria team) and 4 emerging teams, within the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center. The department aims to lead research in different fields of public health including epidemiology, biostatistics, health computing, disability and health economics.

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The work carried out by the department's researchers covers a wide range of pathologies (infectious diseases, neurology, oncology, ophthalmology, traumatology, mental health, disability), exposures (social, environmental, nutritional, drug, genetic factors), methods (epidemiology, biostatistics, computer science, health economics, ergonomics and human factors) and populations (young people, adults, the elderly, the general population, patient samples).

The Public health research department includes a technical IT platform (CREDIM), clinical trial management centers (CMG, MEREVA) and large research infrastructures such as cohorts, cancer registries and databases (3CitiesMEMENTO, Paquid on aging, I-Share on students, Aquitaine Cohort, HEPAVIH on patients infected with HIV and viral hepatitis, CESIR on drugs and road safety, PHYTONER on exposure to pesticides, etc.). In addition, the department collaborates with the Environmental and Occupational Health Department of Public Health France on joint projects.

Researchers from the Public health department make a major contribution to the teaching proposed at the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED) which trains more than 1,000 students and professionals each year, as well as at the Graduate research program for Digital Public Health and the Medical Sciences teaching and research unitthe University Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences and  the Mathematics and Interactions Training Unit.

Management / leadership 

  • Director: Rodolphe Thiébaut
  • Deputy director: Christophe Tzourio
  • Administrative and financial manager: Isabelle Bely
  • Assistant: Marie-Hélène Carère
  • Communication: Valerie Garcia


The department encourages scientific outreach by supporting the organization of events such as monthly seminars, symposia and congresses, by offering all members of its teams and external researchers, students and partners the possibility to attend scientific events and watch videos on the ISPED Youtube channel.

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It also provides external and internal communication via the Hebdo-Infos Public Health newsletter. This tool relays targeted public health information from expert sites, media, blogs, newsletters etc. and promotes events organized by member teams and partners.

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Key figures

  • 11 research teams, 4 emerging teams
  • 1 technical IT platform: Health Computing Resource and Development Center, 1 document library
  • 474 staff: 133 lecturer-researchers/university hospital researchers, 30 post-docs, 38 engineers, technicians, administrative staff, 177 contract workers, 96 doctoral students

Component structures of the department

The Public health department is composed of one primary unit: the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center (BPH - Inserm U1219). 

Teams accredited in the 2016-2021 contracts

Emerging teams

  • Team 12 – Health Computing - ERIAS
  • Team 13 – Economics/Management of Health Organizations - EMOS
  • Team 14 - Interventional Research Methods for Population Health - MRISP
  • Team 15 - Handicap – Activity – Cognition - Health - HACS

Secondary units

Clinical Epidemiology (EC) module of the Bordeaux Clinical Investigation Center (CIC 14.01)

Platforms and technical centers

Health Computing Resource and Development Center


Component council

The Component council is composed of 30 members, including 15 lecturer-researchers and researchers, 8 support staff, 4 doctoral and post-doctoral students and 3 external members.

Directors' committe

The committee is chaired by the director of the department and composed of the deputy director (BPH U1219 director) and the 15 team leaders at the Bordeaux Population Health Research Center.

Scientific council

The Scientific council is composed of 5 international experts who are appointed by the Director after consulting the department council for a term of 4 years.


Doctoral schools


  • Bordeaux University Hospital
  • Institut Bergonié (Nouvelle Aquitaine Regional Center for the Fight Against Cancer (CLCC))
  • Inserm (French National Institute for Health and Medical Research)
  • Inria (French National Research Institute for Digital Sciences)
  • ANRS (French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis)

Updated on 07/05/2020

Department contacts

Isabelle Bely
Administrative & financial manager

05 57 57 14 64
Contact by email

Valérie Garcia
Communcations manager

05 57 57 48 96
Contact by email

Marie-Hélène Carère

Bordeaux-Carreire Campus, Bordeaux Population Health - UMR Inserm U1219
Building TP, 146 rue Léo Saignat
CS 61292 / 33076 Bordeaux Cedex

05 57 57 10 33
Contact by email

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