University of Bayreuth

Located in Northern Bavaria, Germany, the University of Bayreuth favors an interdisciplinary and international approach. The campus and surrounding region also offer a very pleasant living environment for students and researchers.

In a nutshell

The University of Bayreuth (UBT) is one of the most popular universities among international researchers (Humboldt Foundation Top 20). It also ranks 21st in the "Nature Index 2019 Young Universities". The University of Bayreuth welcomes around 13,500 students, 13% of whom are international.

Our collaboration

Ranked 3rd among the universities whose law graduates are the most sought after by employers according to a Wirtschaftswoche* survey, it is quite natural that this discipline was the first for a double degree between the University of Bordeaux and the University of Bayreuth.

The interdisciplinary approach in Bayreuth allows a wide range of cooperation possibilities: high pressure and high temperature, polymers and colloids, African studies, ecology and environmental sciences, advanced materials, molecular biosciences, non-linear dynamics, food and health, innovation and consumer protection, governance and responsibility, cultural encounters and transcultural processes, energy research and energy technology. A special focus is given to polymers and African studies.

Key dates

  • September 2019: launch of the double Bachelor degree of Law between UBT and UBx
  • September 2020: opening of the UBT Gateway Office in Bordeaux (on the Pessac campus)

Bordeaux is an important location, representing a center for cutting-edge research that ties in with the focus areas of UBT.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheibel — Vice-President for Internationalisation, UBT

The beginning

The University of Bayreuth is a young university, founded in 1975.

* German weekly business news magazine (17th April 2020 edition)

Updated on 30/03/2021

More information

For more information, please consult the UBT website.

UBT Gateway Office

Bérénice Kimpe

Meet our students

Emma and Inès are 2nd year students following the double Bachelor degree of Law between UBT and UBx. Find out about their experience here!