Mobility period

You’ve arrived in your host country! Here you will find some useful information to ensure that your mobility period goes as smoothly as possible.

Students who participate in a mobility scheme via an exchange program must complete a number of formalities concerning the University of Bordeaux. They must remain in contact with the University throughout the entire mobility period. 

Please note that any failure to comply with these commitments could lead to the non-validation of the mobility period abroad and/or the potential repayment of any funding received.

NB: Interruption or extension of your stay - please inform the International Office immediately!

Contact us

In order to facilitate communication while you are abroad, communication will be carried out mainly by email. Please refer to the “Contacts” section in order to find out who your administrative and coordinator correspondents will be during your mobility period.

Updated on 26/07/2019

Certificate of arrival

Remember to return your certificate of arrival as soon as possible

Mobility passport

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