4 new Graduate Programs launched within the University of Bordeaux

In 2018, the University of Bordeaux created its “Graduate Research School”, in order to coordinate, strengthen and promote doctoral studies along with our partner research organizations. In 2021, the Graduate Research School will feature four brand new Graduate Programs, in addition the ones in the fields of digital public health, photonics and neurosciences.

  • 07/06/2021

Le lancer de chapeaux © Gautier Dufau Le lancer de chapeaux © Gautier Dufau

These new graduate programs in advanced chemistry, cardiac electrophysiology, cancer biology and data sciences, are based on disciplines where Bordeaux has achieved international levels of excellence in terms of education and research. They promote a student-centered approach to education, and are driven by cutting-edge research and international partnerships.


The EUREKA Graduate Program provides a complete interdisciplinary and international training from Master to Doctorate in the domain of chemistry and physico-chemistry of materials, starting from the stage of conception, synthesis and elaboration, to chemical, physico-chemical and physique characterizations, and their use for specific functions and applications.

With a Master and a PhD program, both taught in English, EUREKA trains students in very diverse fields of expertise (inorganic materials, polymers, colloidal materials, hybrids, composites etc.) and draws upon the main research findings from the laboratories of the University of Bordeaux and our partners in over 10 international universities. EUREKA provides students with access to cutting-edge technologies for the characterization and development of materials (clean room, SPS, HR TEM, etc.), and has developed a strong learning environment where Master and doctoral students can interact with physicists, engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists but also philosophers of science or researchers in the field of human sciences.

  • Master: 2-year program
  • PhD: 3-year full-time program, international applicants with a Master degree in chemistry strongly encouraged

Our main goal is to train high-level, academic and industrial leaders of the next generation, who bring an innovative approach to the fields of functional polymers, inorganic, hybrid and colloidal materials.

Professor Jean-Louis Bobet — Director of UBGrad EUREkA

UB Grads Cancer Biology

The Cancer Biology Graduate Program provides an interdisciplinary and international training from Master to Doctorate level dedicated to the fundamental bases and emergent areas in the field of cancer, from basic cell and molecular biology of cancer to translational and clinical research.

The program highlights knowledge, innovation and cross-disciplinarity, with a strong focus on research: both Master and doctotral students are integrated within the laboratories of the dynamic oncosphere community in Nouvelle Aquitaine. Our programs offer access to state-of-the-art technologies for cancer modeling, diagnosis and treatments at the University of Bordeaux and also with our international partners (Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre, McGill University, University of Arizona, University of Lisbon, University of Missouri, University of Saragossa). Our goal is to prepare graduates for career opportunities in academic research in biomedical sciences, in the industrial sector (biotechnology companies, particularly in product development for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, in pharmaceutical companies or clinical analysis laboratories) and in the healthcare system, such as hospitals or clinics.

  • Master: 2-year program
  • PhD: 3-year full-time program, international applicants with a Master degree in biology or medical sciences strongly encouraged

What makes us special is our commitment to interdisciplinary research, providing students with the possibility to learn not only from biologists and clinicians, but also from physicists, mathematicians, chemists, computer scientists and philosophers of science working in the field of cancer.

Professor Christine Varon — Director of UBGrad Cancer Biology

UB Grads CARDIAC EP - Electromechanical Heart Diseases

This international Master program provides a year of training in the field of electrophysiology and cardiac bioengineering, with a global and transversal approach to all pathologies including a cardiac electrophysiological component. Taught in English, the program offers research and innovation-based training for versatile, high-level specialists in the field of electrophysiology and cardiac bioengineering. Bringing a global and transversal approach to all pathologies, including a cardiac electrophysiological component, it aims to increase students’ employability and to offer possibilities to continue with a doctoral program in the field of cardiac electrophysiology. Students benefit from high-level training and long-standing collaborations with international research centers and industrial partners in the field of cardiac electrophysiology.

  • Master: 1-year program. EU/FR students and non-EU students must have completed a 4-year degree in the field of medical/biomedical/biological science, veterinary science or pharmaceutical science or engineering. Excellent proficiency in English is required.

Our students have access to an ideal training and research environment, with world-renowned experts in the field, including international academic and industrial partners, who all contribute to the program.

Professor Pierre Dos Santos — Director of UBGrad CARDIAC EP - Electromecanical Heart Diseases


The NUMERICS Graduate program* offers complementary courses in mathematics, computer science and science for engineers, combined with human and social sciences for Master and doctoral students of the University of Bordeaux. In line with the urging societal challenges, NUMERICS students acquire scientific expertise in data science and engineering, complex systems or artificial intelligence, all needed to address the generalized use of data and smart digital systems in this new digital age. Our students are given access to the University of Bordeaux and the Bordeaux INP research platforms: big data, parallel computing, robotics, Internet of things, drones, etc.

  • Master and PhD: students may obtain a minor outside their discipline by choosing courses from other disciplines. During their studies, they will have the possibility of defining a tailor-made path with interdisciplinary projects bringing together Master and Doctoral students.

In order to train experts of the future in systems dedicated to the analysis, recognition and optimization of resources, and pave the way to life-changing applications, students need broad scientific knowledge and skills in digital sciences.

Dr. Nicolas Hanusse — Director of UBGrad NUMERICS

* In 2021/2022, this program is only available to those students already registered within a Master or Doctoral program within the University of Bordeaux. New students may apply for the academic year 2022/2023.


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