Program factsheet

  • Program duration: 2 years (120 ECTS).
  • Level: Master of Science.
  • Tuition fees: Annual fees are calculated according to the rules and regulations of the University of Bordeaux. Consult the dedicated webpage for the latest information concerning tuition fees.
  • Admission requirements: Bachelor degree or 180 ECTS equivalent in Biology or relevant Life Sciences field.
  • Language requirements: Candidates should be proficient in English. A certificate may be requested proving a minimum of English B1 level according to the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” grid (European Union and Council of Europe).
  • Academic cooperation: Students may have the opportunity to carry out their internship with the following universities: Federal University of Health Sciences of Porto Alegre (Brazil), McGill University (Canada), University of Arizona (USA), University of Lisbon (Portugal), University of Missouri (USA), University of Saragossa (Spain) as well as with various international partners of the Cancer research laboratories at the University of Bordeaux.

Program outline

The Master in Cancer Biology is one of the four degree-granting tracks of the Biology and Health Master. The training program is primarily research-oriented with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to the study of cancer.

The program includes two research internships in laboratories: a two-month long internship in the first year and a five-month long internship in the second year. Students learn about the fundamental bases and emergent areas in the field of cancer, from basic cell and molecular biology of cancer to translational and clinical research. They benefit from open access to state-of-the-art technological tools and direct interaction with expert scientists from the field of Cancer Biology.

The program covers the basic molecular and cellular mechanisms driving oncogenesis, the complex interacting cellular and molecular networks with the tumor microenvironment dictating cancer development and metastatic dissemination, the clinical aspects of cancer pathology and therapeutic possibilities. The development of critical analysis and creative skills that must be applied in the conception of research proposals, accessing and processing experimental data, and literature searches are also important components of the program.

Program structure

The Master in Cancer Biology consists of four semesters including two research internships.

How to apply?

Applications may be completed online via this link.

Keep in mind!

  • Expected number of students per year: 20
  • Selection procedure: an initial selection is based on students’ CV and cover letter; a second level of selection may be based on an interview with pre-selected candidates.
  • Selection criteria: academic accomplishments at undergraduate level (grades, honors), research experience (e.g. internships), cover and recommendation letters.
  • All courses will be evaluated by one written final exam, which typically accounts for 50% of the grade, additional forms of evaluation depend on the specific courses chosen (these may include continuous evaluation, written reports, oral presentations, etc.).

Updated on 10/01/2022


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