The Welcome Center for International Researchers (WCIR) is the University of Bordeaux’s service dedicated to welcoming and integrating international scientists and their families in the Gironde region.

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Immigration & visas  

Visa (to be requested from the French consulate).

There are several types of visa that may be necessary depending on the duration and purpose of your stay:

  • Short-stay type C visa for visits of under 3 months (except specified nationalities)
  • Long-stay visa used as a resident card for visits of 3-12 months
  • Long-stay visa (resident card must be requested within the first 3 months of arrival in France) for visits of over 12 months.

Resident card if your stay will last longer than 3 months.

  • The resident card proves the legal status of the international researcher in France. It is necessary for visits lasting over 3 months in France. It is only given to holders of a long-stay visa.

Please note

Citizens of the European Union and the European Economic Area do not need a visa and therefore do not need to follow these procedures. For more information about immigration procedures in France, please consult this page.


All scientists (and their families) must have healthcare coverage for the entire duration of their stay in France.


If you have a tax residence in France, you must declare your revenues through the "Trésor Public" (Public Treasury). There are two types of taxes that must be paid, if applicable, in order to validate your stay in France.

Updated on 07/09/2021


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