Customized support

Do you have a disability? Are you looking to combine your studies with intensive sporting or artistic activities? No matter your needs, the University of Bordeaux offers customized support.

What is a student with specific needs?

A student who has significant constraints outside the university, linked to a disability or intensive sporting or artistic activities that may be disruptive to his/her studies. For example: disabled students, students who are high-level athletes (registered on the Ministry of Youth and Sport lists), elected students and experienced artists (in higher education in the regional academy).

How to obtain flexibility with your studies?

The University of Bordeaux supports equal rights and opportunities for everyone and offers appropriate support systems. To benefit from this support, you will need to send an affiliation request to the PHASE service to which your college or training institute is attached, along with the required supporting documents (these depend on your profile).


Examples of support, depending on the student profile

  • Help with communication (French sign language interpreting, LPC coding, simultaneous written transcription, help with taking notes…)
  • Provision of course content
  • Educational support (course adaptation, tuition support, support tutor…)
  • Technical and accessibility aids (site identification, equipment loan…)
  • Examination flexibility (extra time, secretarial assistance, adaptation of materials, examinations postponed in the event of justified absences…)

Updated on 19/09/2019

College of Science & Technology / ISVV / INSPE

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College of Human Sciences

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STAPS (Pessac)

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College of Health Sciences

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College of Law, Political Science, Economics & Management

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Institute of Technology (Bastide, Gradignan, Agen, Périgueux)

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