Gap year abroad

An opportunity to suspend studies for a period of six months to a year in order to gain extra experience in a subject, refine a career plan and/or discover the world!

Lola, biology student, spent her gap year in Guinea in 2016/2017 Lola, biology student, spent her gap year in Guinea in 2016/2017

A large variety of gap year projects abroad exist: professional experience abroad, civic service, international volunteering, activities which complement university education, improvement of foreign language proficiency, etc.

When the gap year is spent in a foreign country, the host country’s legislation applies to all relationships between the student and the hosting organisation.

A number of administrative formalities must be completed in preparation for the project (visa or passport application where necessary, insurance certificate for third-party liability, social security, etc.) For instance, all students undertaking a gap year must register on the mobility management platform and obtain advice from their International Mobility Office.

Updated on 27/09/2019

International Mobility Office Carreire

Health, Human Sciences, STAPS

International Mobility Office Pessac

Law, Political Science, Economics, Management, INSPE

International Mobility Office Talence

Science and Technology, IUT, ISVV