Tell us about yourself

I work at the IIT Madras in Chennai, India. I completed my Ph.D. at IIT Kharagpur, located in east India. After my PhD, I travelled to TU Dresden, Germany in January 2005 to carry out my postdoctoral research. I now work on compact modeling of microelectronic devices in general and bipolar transistor in particular. My research also involves inductor design and computational electronics.

Why come to Bordeaux?

I have known Prof. Thomas Zimmer and his team in the IMS (Material and System Integration) Laboratory, UBx for a long time and had heard about their work in the area of bipolar transistor characterization and modeling. This team has a strong theoretical and experimental background for modeling research. In addition, they have developed interesting partnerships with industry players. In my home institution, IIT Madras, I had developed some ideas on bipolar transistor modeling research, and need to collaborate with such a team to further these ideas. The warm and welcoming attitude of Prof. Thomas Zimmer helped me choose the University of Bordeaux for this sabbatical period.

Your first impressions?

It goes without saying that my choice of destination was helped by the fact that Bordeaux is a beautiful city with rich surroundings. Since my arrival, I have discovered just how beautiful the city really is. As for the University environment – it is very international and the people are very approachable and helpful. A special mention for the Welcome Center – the team there has provided great support since my arrival, guiding me with all the necessary administrative procedures. It has been very reassuring to receive such welcome and advice.

Your expectations?

Apart from learning the language and culture of France, I hope it will be a fruitful year of research at Bordeaux. I am planning on building a strong and lasting research partnership between our team at IIT Madras and the research group at IMS Lab UBx.

Updated on 21/09/2021