Incoming: Li-Yun “Jamie” Lin, from National Taiwan University

Li-Yun “Jamie” Lin holds a Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology from Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan. She arrived at the University of Bordeaux in September 2018 for a semester as part of the two-year Global Joint-Degree Program (GIP-TRIAD) Master in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health.

Why did you choose to carry out part of your studies at the University of Bordeaux? 

I really wanted to study in a multicultural setting and with the GIP-TRIAD program, I could develop both my clinical and academic knowledge and also explore the actual industry of biomedical sciences. I found it very exciting that the University of Bordeaux offered several onsite visits of industrial facilities within the framework of the program.

What were your objectives during your period here in Bordeaux?

While studying in Bordeaux, I had the opportunity to learn about new research methods in agro-science. My specific project used near-infrared spectrometry to detect anthocyanin (water-soluble vacuolar pigments that change color depending on their pH) in grapes to help farmers track the best timing to harvest grapes. Bordeaux was the perfect place to learn these techniques and to carry out this research!

What was your learning experience like?

The organization and teaching style of the courses are very different in France compared to my experiences in Asia. Back home in Taiwan, we have a fixed schedule, while in France, it’s quite the opposite. The program is flexible and students must check the schedule every day to find out what’s happening. As regards the teaching methods, I appreciated my professors in Bordeaux - they were very engaging and encouraged interactive discussions instead of just lecturing “at us”. Student input was valued and knowledge was shared between everyone in the classroom.

What were your impressions of the University of Bordeaux, the people, the city? 

My first impression of Bordeaux when I arrived in September was hot and sunny! One of my fellow classmates came to the airport to pick me up and we immediately got chatting. A great first day and just the start! Throughout my studies, I found both the people and the general atmosphere in Bordeaux to be friendly. In terms of architecture,  the Victoire campus of the University of Bordeaux was my favorite with its old stone buildings and diverse student environment. It reminded me of Harry Potter and Hogwarts! I unfortunately didn’t like French food that much, but I did like the wine! I also enjoyed visits outside the city of Bordeaux – in particular to the Arcachon beach with my classmates – I hope to return there again someday.

What did you learn with this international experience?

I learned that being multilingual is an important skill. My classes were all taught in English, but I wished that I had studied French before coming to Bordeaux! I felt that this language barrier stopped me from being completely immersed in the more mellow and romantic French culture. I found that the “work-life” balance is much healthier in France compared to Asia. While at the University of Bordeaux, I was reminded of the importance of not only networking with others from different cultures, but also simply socializing outside of the workplace. I missed the food in Taiwan when I was in Bordeaux, but looking back, it was definitely worth it!

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The Master program in Agro-Biomedical Science in Food and Health is jointly coordinated by the University of Tsukuba in Japan, National Taiwan University, and the University of Bordeaux. For more information on the program, please consult this page.

Updated on 27/06/2019