Outgoing: Clotilde at University of Deusto, Bilbao (Spain)

Clotilde, 20 years old, is studying for a Bachelor degree in law and languages and is spending her third year abroad with the program Erasmus. She is based in the University of Deusto in the region of the Basque Country, in Spain. It is Clotilde’s first time living and studying in a foreign country – a highly positive experience that she tells us about.

Why did you choose to partake in the Erasmus exchange program?

Ever since my childhood, I have wanted to study abroad. The Erasmus program, so well-known today, is the perfect opportunity to do this. My participation in the Erasmus program is not only the logical sequence of my studies but it is also a new learning experience where I get to discover a new country, culture and university system. I’m very proud to be part of the Erasmus generation and all in all, it makes me feel a real European!

Why did you choose the University of Deusto?

The University of Deusto is one of the most prestigious universities in Spain. It is strongly committed to international studies, attracting students from around Europe and the rest of the world. Studying here is very rewarding - the teaching system and the facilities are excellent. I have already made friends amongst the Spanish students and the Professors are very helpful, taking a personal interest in each student.

Another reason I chose the University of Deusto is because of the language options. The majority of my classes are in Spanish and some are in English. I get to improve two languages at once! The University is also very dynamic with a variety of extracurricular opportunities, including athletics and social clubs. I have joined the Erasmus football team and the Deusto MOOT team (law competition with other universities).

Last but not least, the region is extremely beautiful and lively. Deusto has close ties with Bilbao, a city full of energy, with the Guggenheim Museum, the Casco Viejo, the Cathedral, shops and restaurants where we often eat “pintxos” (Basque tapas). It is a great place to live and the Basque people are very open. So far, I have run the Bilbao marathon, seen the Red Bull cliff diving (diving competition) and practice surf with the Erasmus association. No time to rest!

What have you learned from this international experience so far?

The past 6 months has been an amazing experience - I have improved my knowledge of international and comparative law, discovered new places, made lifelong friendships amongst a network of nationalities from all corners of the word. With my international friends, who come from the Sahara and Uzbekistan for example, we often organize common dinners where we share food and exchange travel stories, political opinions and often participate in passionate debates. It is very enriching!

Not only have I learned more about the world around me but I have also learned a lot about myself, in terms of independence, self-belief, maturity and self-development! It’s changed the way I see the world and the way I see myself in it. This adventure has given me the desire and passion to continue to travel and explore the world. It will, without a doubt, impact my future life.

Eskerrik asko Bilbao eta agur! (Thanks Bilbao and bye bye!)

Updated on 21/09/2021