Outgoing: Amandine at Berkeley (University of California)

Amandine, 22 years old, is a 1st year marketing student at the IAE (Bordeaux University School of Management). She is currently following an exchange program in Business Administration at Berkeley (University of California) for one year.

Why did you choose to partake in the Erasmus exchange program?

I wanted to add an international dimension to my studies. It’s a definite advantage vis à vis the business world and, in addition, you get to discover a new country!

Why did you choose Berkeley?

I really wanted to study in an English-speaking country and I had a wider choice with California, where four campuses welcome business students (Berkeley, Irvine, Riverside and Merced). Berkeley was my first choice because, as they say here, “We are the first public university in the world”. Indeed, thanks to its reputation, Berkeley attracts thousands of highly talented students (almost 30,000 students at undergraduate level).

What are the main differences between universities in the USA and France?

Can we compare the two? I don’t really think so. They are completely different; different systems, ways of teaching, buildings and assets. Not to forget, different tuition fees…

In terms of resources, we can’t complain: there are 18 libraries on the campus, and some are open until late at night. Professors here are very interactive, they encourage student participation in class and they are also highly available, ready to help during office hours. The USA system is also quite flexible, students are allowed choose the majority of their classes.

What have you learned from this international experience?

That it’s possible to eat healthily even in the USA! More seriously, I think this experience has changed me, and for the better. I’m more aware of my values and convictions, and I have more self-confidence than I had before.I strongly encourage my fellow students to go abroad (to study or for an internship) if they can, it’s a great experience that will help shape the future professionals they will become!

Updated on 21/09/2021