Incoming: Sara from University Mohammed V, Morocco

Sara Lahsaini holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University Mohammed V, Morocco. She arrived at the University of Bordeaux (UBx) in September 2015 to follow a two-year Master course in Political Science within the Erasmus Mundus (Action 2) partnership and the program EU-METALIC II.

The Master Sara is attending, "Public Law and Political Science - Specialty in Comparative Politics: political ideology and systems", aims to: 

  • Master current political ideas whilst taking into account historical and philosophical foundations
  • Understand the link between the ideas and operational logic of large political systems such as democracy, totalitarianism and authoritarianism 
  • Analyze modern political systems, with a focus on the new powers (China, India, Brazil, Russia)

Why have you chosen to carry out part of your studies at the University of Bordeaux?

I chose UBx for many reasons. First of all, for the cultural experience of travelling outside my country of origin and discovering another way of living, thinking etc.

Secondly, my BA in Political Science gives me a good basis of knowledge to pursue a Master in the same stream. Finally, I really like using my capacity of critical thinking in political issues and hope to develop this skill within the Master program. It is a Master that will be an important stepping-stone in my political career
plan. The University of Bordeaux is renowned for its high standards, challenging work environment and skilled students and researchers.

What are your initial impressions of Bordeaux?

I was quite anxious arriving in Bordeaux. Luckily my fears have proved unfounded as the people I have met so far have been very welcoming and understanding. At the Faculty of Political Science, the staff (teaching and administrative) and fellow students are always ready to help. As for the city of Bordeaux, it is incredibly beautiful with a rich culture and heritage.

During my stay here, I really wish to benefit from this international experience not only in terms of studies but also in terms of life. I intend to integrate as much as possible with the French in order to learn and understand our cultural differences that will be extremely valuable in my plans to continue with doctoral studies and ultimately, launch a successful political career.

Updated on 21/09/2021