Program factsheet

  • Academic cooperation: Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), Université Paris-Sud (Orsay)/University of Bordeaux (France), Duisburg-Essen University/Regensburg University (Germany), The Chennai Mathematical Institute (India), Milano University/Padova University (Italy), Leiden University (Netherlands), Stellenbosch University (South Africa).
    Note: Students follow this two-year Master course in two of the partner countries and, upon completion of the course, are awarded a double degree from the two universities
  • Admission requirements: Hold a Bachelor degree of Science in Mathematics or an equivalent degree.
  • Program duration: 2 years (120 ECTS).
  • Language requirements: A good level of English is required.
  • Level: Double/multiple Master degree of Science in Mathematics.
  • Tuition fees: 4,000€/year. A fee waiver may be granted.
  • Scholarships: Scolarships are available for the mobility period.

Program outline

The ALGANT Master program provides a study and research track in pure mathematics, with a strong focus on algebra, geometry and number theory. This track may be completed throughout Europe and the world, thanks to a partnership between leading research universities. The ALGANT course introduces students to the latest developments within these subjects, and provides the best possible preparation for their forthcoming doctoral studies.

The ALGANT program consists mainly of advanced courses within the field of mathematics and of a research project or internship leading to a Master thesis. Courses are offered in: algebraic geometry, algebraic and geometric topology, algebraic and analytic number theory, coding theory, combinatorics, complex function theory, cryptology, elliptic curves, manifolds. Students are encouraged to participate actively in seminars.

The university partners offer compatible basic preparation in the first year (level 1), which then leads to a complementary offer for more specialized courses in the second year (level 2). 

Program structure

Each partner university offers a range of courses for the ALGANT program. For detailed information on the structure of the program in the different universities, please consult the ALGANT website (currently being updated).

You may also consult the specific partner university websites:

In Bordeaux, the ALGANT program is structured as follows:

How to apply?

Applications may be completed on-line:
> Via this link 

Updated on 02/06/2022


Peter Stevenhagen
General Coordinator

Dajano Tossici
Coordinator of ALGANT-Bordeaux

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