The University of Bordeaux offers a wide range of study programs at all levels within the domain of Chemistry, including an international Bachelors degree. In terms of international Masters, the Department of Chemistry offers five different international Master Programs dedicated to the study of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science.

For more information on the exact courses proposed within these programs, please consult our Catalogue of courses taught in English (pages 88 - 141), open to our international students.

International Masters of Chemistry

Four Masters in the area of Materials Science are also proposed. The titles of these Master programs are very similar; please note the specificities of each program below before applying.

Updated on 14/05/2020

Campus of Excellence

The University of Bordeaux is recognized as a Campus of Excellence within the field of Materials Science. AMADEUS, the Cluster of Excellence for “Advanced Materials by Design”, associates chemistry laboratories on the campus and offers several types of scholarships at Master and Ph.D. level.