Program factsheet

  • Admission requirements:
    • Hold a 4-year Bachelor degree or a 3-year Bachelor and a Master (Year 1) degree (equivalent to a total of 240 ECTS) in any field, but preferably in economics, management, business administration, or law.
    • Demonstrate a clear interest or commitment to international affairs.
  • Program duration: 1 year (60 ECTS).
  • Language requirements:
    • English proficiency is essential and must be certified by an official test result (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, Bulats or Cambridge Certificate). A minimum B2 level according to the CEFR is required. 
    • Please note: tailored language courses in French (beginner to advanced) and in English (intermediate to advanced) are included in the three-month intensive preparatory program (University Diploma in European Economic Affairs). 
  • Level: Master degree (Year 2).

Program outline

The Master in Economic Affairs is a fulltime degree taught in English, open to international and French university graduates. The program is also designed for life-long learners with a professional background wishing to resume their studies in order to increase their earning potential and/or access new career opportunities.

In this one-year course, students gain deep insight into essential and present economic topics in international affairs. In addition, the program offers hands-on exercises, and allows students to develop valuable and marketable professional and soft skills in an intercultural environment.

What distinguishes the program is its focus on specific European and international trade and financial policies and business transactions using analytical tools from economics, political science, management, business, and law.

The program provides companies with managers ready to deal with intercultural management and international trade situations. The course is ideal for students who wish to deepen their knowledge of international affairs theory and practice, those who aspire to a career in the international arena, those who wish to add an international dimension to their educational background, those who want to take part in a multicultural experience in a culturally rich and dynamic environment, those who desire to strengthen their proficiency in English and acquire basic language skills in French.

Program structure

September to November: The University Diploma in European Economic Affairs (DU Affaires Economiqes Européennes) is a three-month intensive preparatory program specifically designed for prospective students. This program offers intensive elementary-to-advanced French language courses for international students, intermediate-to-advanced English language courses for non-native speakers, remedial courses in international and European economics, practical courses on e-commerce trends and tools for B2C and B2B companies, business trips and access to cultural and intercultural activities and events.

December to June: Courses for the MEA start in December.

Semester 1: 
(30 ECTS - 180 hours)

Semester 2: 
(30 ECTS - 180 hours) 

International contract law 

Communication methodology 

European markets dynamics and specificities 

Business development project 

European fiscal optimisation 


European populations


Exchange rates risk 

International financial reporting 

International payments 

Intellectual property rights 

Trading and shipping 

Intelligence économique
(in French) 

Business knowledge and entrepreneurial thinking

Luxury economy


Macroeconomic issues

How to apply?

All applicants must submit:

  • An updated resume and cover letter
  • At least two letters of reference from former or current university professors and/or employers
  • Copies of their most advanced diplomas and course transcripts
  • Official English proficiency test results for non-native speakers

Please email these documents to the Program Director, Cécile Cormier (

Keep in mind!

  • Maximum number of students: 30
  • The program is selective and admission is decided according to the diplomas, academic and/or professional background, language skills and the student’s motivation. If necessary, admission may be conditioned to the completion of the three-month intensive preparatory program (University Diploma in European Economic Affairs) prior to the start of the Master 2 program.

Updated on 23/11/2020


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